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"Clearance" prices going up?

I recently bought a TILI that was right up my alley.  Since they run sale prices periodically I decided I'd wait for one of those promotions to order another.  Imagine my surprise when the price went UP.  I guess they figure those few left will go out at any price.  

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Re: "Clearance" prices going up?

I feel like the clearance prices are more in line of what they should be at regular price. A simple T-shirt at $30 clearance is more like it, not the "was" price of $55. Glad there are more options for better prices but makes me miss the Q of old.

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Re: "Clearance" prices going up?

I've watched some shows when Leah would say that the "below clearance" price is good for only the hour??  Living in CA - I miss out on a lot of those shows...  I wish they would make it good for at least noon...  Then it goes back to the regular clearance price which is more.....


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Re: "Clearance" prices going up?

I figure the company's job is to set the prices.  My job is to decide if I will pay them.


Fortunately, I need very few new clothes because I don't find much at all available where I have shopped that doesn't cost as much as QVC and often more.  


I buy most of my clothes locally at 2 Florida shops.  I haven't even walked into the more expensive one because the other one now carries a huge inventory of brands that start well north of $50 and which exclude themselves from almost every sale.