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I guess you pay your money and take your chances.

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I've returned a number or as is items that were defective and always got a full refund and didn't pay return shipping.  Cost to me was $0.  In the as is section it tells you the return policy is the same for as is items as it is for non as is items.

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Alice-QVC, Thank you. I will contact by email.
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I am sorry to hear you got something that was dirty or unsanitary.  Maybe QVC should not sell used items online.  I don't know of any other retailer that does.  If memory serves I recall odering a jewelry item once from this category thinking if I liked it I could clean it.  It was not acceptable and I returned it.....


Perhaps QVC could have a "Thrift Store" area in their brick and mortor stores if they still have them.  I know they used to have one in MN at the Mall of America.  

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Re: "As Is" Products

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@Katcat1 wrote:

Is there any quality control over these items?  In the past, I ordered 2 pair of As Is shoes that were perfectly fine.  Then I ordered a pair of suede shoes As Is and when they arrived I did not want to touch them.  They were filthy dirty and I am not exaggerating.  It was rather disgusting and then I had to pay for the return shipping because the Q does not pay for return shipping on As Is items.  Retail stores would never sell a product in this condition. Cat Very HappyHeart

@Katcat1    Yes it will, if it's a problem such as the one you've had.   Q has paid it for me several times.  

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I called CS recently and asked if the items are gone over and made sure there were no defects.   THey assured me that everything is checked before shipped.   I ordered my first as is bracelet this past week.  It was a hard decision , but I feel Q has been very fair with returns in the past 25 years (I have made very few).  I will let you know how the item arrives when I get it. 

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@Katcat1, I'm sorry you had a problem with the "as is" item.  I've only ordered a couple of "as is" things over the years, but the biggest score was a Dooney cabriolet and leather overnight bag.  I got it probably 12-15 years ago - I forget the price, but I do remember it was $100+ off what I would have paid had I bought it new.  I still use it frequently and it's as beautiful as the day I received it.

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I received a top once with the smell of smoke and animal hairs on it.  I called customer service  and they sent me a brand new one rather than  an as is one .  Since there were no more as is tops in my sice, they sent a new one.  It depends on who you talk to.  You may have to request a supervisor.

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I've purchased several As-Is items and only one arrived broken so I had to return it.  I was clear on why I was returning it on line, and wrote "broken glass" on the outside box, so it wouldn't be re-sold to another customer.  I think it probably arrived broken to someone else, and was returned and they just shipped it out again without checking.  I try to write "defective" or "broken" if that is the reason for returning on the outside box, so it's clear to the shipping department to pull it from future shipments.     

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I just got an Aimee Kestenberg wallet that was "As Is" huge discount and it came in perfect condition.  Have ordered other "As IS" items in the past with no problem, maybe I have just been lucky?