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I place 2 orders  for clothing.One for laurie felt sweater,and and the other a all worthy hunter mcgrady hoodie.did this twice and it never showed up on my account.I finally called c.s.and had them order it for me.I have been reading on here,that others have had the same issiue.I hope they called cs and got it taken care of

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@Luvsmyfam    What usually happens is that you end up with two of each item and have to make returns.  That "disappearing order" business happens periodically.  The original order is usually visible the next morning.  I've had it happen twice.

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email the social team. Tell them what happened. Most likely you are going to to get 2 of each order. They will take care of it so you do not have to pay S&H for the returns. This happened to me. @Luvsmyfam 

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I have had this happen several times.


Called CS first time, ended up w/ duplicate orders as they said they couldn't see it.



2nd time, CS rep said to replace the order on a Check Hold so you don't lose out on the item.  Then cancel if and when the original order finally appears.



In every case, my original orders DID appear.  It took up to 2 days to finally appear.



If you replaced the orders, you are def gonna get duplicates.


I agree, contact the mods then and arrange for a free return.