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I have noticed a trend across the board that standard lengths for tops are one inch shorter.  This makes a big difference to me as a tall lady.  Also, a lot fewer tall size pants are being offered (Belle). Thank you Renee & Isaac for sticking with talls, even tho fewer than in the past

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@megsly   No matter what leaves us outside the average range of the masses, finding what fits can be a challenge.


I was once a "tall petite," but age is making my ankle pants into full-length bottoms and what were once my full length trousers are now thrift or trash.  Pants that drag on the ground are dangerous as well as looking ridiculous on me.

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The trend for the length of tops tend to follow the trend for bottoms.  When slim pants were trending, long tops were trending.  Now that wider pants are trending, the shorter tops that tend to be more flattering with them are trending.


This 5'10" girl is wearing a cami under a sweater today for a little extra length.

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Makes me glad that I've purchased so many tops in the last few years from QVC with the longer length! I strongly dislike tops that are NOT long...."short" to my eyes. Trendwise, slim-leg pants are not going away...Wider-leg pants are just joining the fray, so to speak. 

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I wish that meant leggings were going out of style.  Not the greatest look on many people. Cat Indifferent


Shorter tops, I'm all for, however, won't cover much anymore. Cat Surprised

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Good.  QVC tops have been advertised as Tops but many were tunic ;length.  Glad their Tops are now actual length for Tops.  If you are tall tunics are available to get the length you want.


As a shorter woman I am glad to see tops that are actually top length.  Longer tops should not be call tops, they are tunics.


Leggings should be worn with tunics (over 27"_ and pants worn with tops (26" and shorter) IMO.