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Just wanted to say you look fabulous since you have lost weight. You always look great, such a classy lady.


Ceceil Magoon

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Welcome to the boards!

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Good for her! Congrats Leah, you are a beautiful woman inside and out!

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I also think that Leah looks very nice since she has lost weight!  She looks just fine and does not need to lose any more weight.  I wonder how she has managed to do it. 

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@MaeE- aren’t you just a ray of sunshine.   Leah looks wonderful, and is a delight to watch.  

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Leah is one of the few hosts who is still watchable for me.  Those in the latest group are generally unbearable, and many of the veterans have evolved  (or devolved) into charicatures of themselves.

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She mentioned on Saturday's AM Style that she simply eats lean meat, veggies and fruit.  

If your face brightens when you meet a friend, you have struck gold. - unknown
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OMG....Leah.....You ALWAYS looked GREAT to me.  However you are AMAZING today with your jeans and  tucked in shirt.  OMG...I trust you will saty need to lose anymore.  I have a few years on you.  I know my familt doesn't like when I get too affects the face!!!...Don't forfeit that beautiful face for a  couple more notches on the belt!!!


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Kind of surprised the Q would allow Leah to wear such an expensive status (Hermes) accessory/belt on air. I know many hosts wear their own clothes but this is a very identifiable status brand. It would almost be like wearing a Chanel logo item during an Issac show.