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I didn't know how to contact Valerie Parhill so I am doing it through this.   I purchased the 22" Indoor/Outdoor Flickering Flame Lantern and I am concerned about using it outdoors as the first sentence on the USE AND CARE notes.   



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Vendors and Hosts are not permitted to use the forums, but she has a Facebook page, you can contact her there (or have a friend post it there for you if you aren't a FB member).

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@CH1    In light of the information in your possession, I think I'd keep it away from water and damp conditions.  It might rust.

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If it was the TSV lantern I recall she stated "outdoor use is ie covered area".  I don't think it's made for "true" outside elements.


I would not put out in the rain, snow, etc.


I know the Candle Impressions ones can be put outside.

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If you want it to last then keep it inside in a place that you can see it & it will bring you joy😉