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Re: how loyal are you to QVC?

I got out of the habit of actually watching QVC; I go to the website primarily for the forums. Still, I think I order a sufficient amount--not enough to earn a mug, though!


I check the HSN site frequently to see if certain items have been discounted (that's not as likely to happen with QVC).



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Re: how loyal are you to QVC?

I have shopped here and still buy a lot here.  I also shop at many other places regularly.  I wouldn't call it being loyal but that I just like to shop here and have been satisfied with what I purchase here.  I probably have only returned 3 or 4 things in all the years I have shopped here with a  few exchanges.  CS always great and I have been satisfied shopping here.  I watch very little - just while flipping through channels so if QVC went off the air it wouldn't matter to me.  Even if they were no longer here online I would not be devastated and would just shop elsewhere.  

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Re: how loyal are you to QVC?

Not loyal at all. I loved QVC about 20 years ago. It was a variety of things to watch and buy. I enjoyed watching the hosts. Now the products they sell are the same ones over and over. I can barely watch most hosts. The prices and shipping is crazy. I don't buy much anymore.

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Re: how loyal are you to QVC?

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i have been a long time customer of QVC with very few complaints. i mostly shop online via my computer.

yes, i would miss it if it was gone.

if anything, i purchase MORE from qvc than i was buying years ago.

i look at pricing, i look at the brand, i look at wearability, and i look at appropriateness for my lifestyle, i look at uniqueness. if the product seems right and the price seems right, then i make the decision to buy it.



there is a  lot to be said these days for convenience shopping and having lots of choices. also when there is excellent customer service, it is difficult to overlook. QVC fits that bill for me. i am not going anywhere anytime soon.



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Re: how loyal are you to QVC?

Not too much but ....


This past Christmas, I was able to buy unique gifts since shopping malls in my area are dwindling (otherwise I could care less about the Q since Amazon is avail.).  Shipping $ .... and some quality issues lately are creating a negative effect.


I used to love their LTS, grabbing bargains left & right .... now the pricing is still high for LTS since Qurate changed their name ... what gives?

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Re: how loyal are you to QVC?

I wouldn't know it had gone off the air, unless I read about it here. I don't watch anymore and haven't for more than a few minutes in over a year. It's not that I dislike QVC so much, as I'm just "over it". Continuous shopping is just not my thing these days. When I do need something though, this is not my 1st, 2nd or even 3rd choice of where to look.
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Re: how loyal are you to QVC?

I don't see how loyalty has anything to do with where I shop!



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Re: how loyal are you to QVC?

I'd say that several years ago, I would have missed watching and did order some.

Now I rarely watch except for holiday shows and thats only if I can stand watching the host and vendor. Too frantic, too fast, too much acting.And I rarely order anything.

I'm starting to watch AM Style again now that I think the last few have shown more fashion.

But also the prices are overpriced now and the shipping yes is ridiculous and I really don't need stuff.

If prices were more reasonable, I might order things I did like.

I also like to try things on and look at them in person.

The forums I do enjoy but I notice when I am visiting family I don't watch at all or look at the forums and am surprised I don't miss it.

I think when at home it just is kind of a habit or part of a routine of nice distracting things.


It is nice to be able to share ideas, and "talk" to each other from all overSmiley Happy

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Re: how loyal are you to QVC?

I do check the new arrivals on the Q on a regular basis and occasionally watch the Q on TV (mostly fashion). I have never had a problem that they didn’t solve to my satisfaction.  I would miss them if they went off air and have bought many items over the years that I’ve enjoyed. However in the past couple years I’ve been getting discouraged about their prices continually rising on items - especially clothing.  So I haven’t been buying as much as in the past. 

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Re: how loyal are you to QVC?

QVC has done nothing to garner my loyalty.