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Thank you to Cheryl from customer service who effortsly helped me to resolve an issue. Great  pleasant representstive!

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I have had a really positive and helpful conversation with customer service at both QVC and HSN in the last week.  The representatives were helpful and polite and I appreciate their help and professionalism.  

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Hi @chayse thank you for posting your kudos for Cheryl. I forwarded your kind words to the supervisor. I'm sure Cheryl will appreciate it.

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honestly I have had nothing but positive experiences with Customer Service and definitely with the Social Team.  They have always been willing to help.    Sunday night (yes Sunday night June 10th) I had two packages delivered at 4:30 pm.   One of the packages contained two Laurie Felt tops    Only one of them while the package said was an XXS, the  package contained a medium.   I called the Q and told them the problem.   They immediately sent out the replacement in the correct size and I was told I'd have it by the 12th. Well UPS was in my area and delivered the package today.   How's that for excellent service!!  

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I totally agree that QVC CS reps are great.   I have never had a problem dealing with them.   Sometimes, I specifically wrote a thank you post citing a rep's name.