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Re: denim & co blouse $69!!!

@chiclet wrote:

I was waiting on hold and turned on the Q to see what was on and it was D&C.  A cute short sleeved blouse came on and when I saw price I was shocked.   With S & H and tax it would be $77.67.   Too much for me for one casual blouse.  

i agree.....saw a pair of twill D&C skimmer peddle pusher pants i thought to order..................on sale for $ the time you add tx/shipp  it would be about $50.00......better deals elsewhere..............

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Re: denim & co blouse $69!!!

@skatting44 wrote:

 prices  for everything have risen. Bought the smallest child size ice cream for my grandson at Baskin Robbins yesterday - single scoop  child size in a plastic cup no toppings was  $3.75  !


Many other  mail order companies have been having sales and free shipping that have clothes comparable to Denim & Co .

I'm not saying this to be humorous, but yesterday in the store peanut butter was $8.00 & that was not a big jar.

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Re: denim & co blouse $69!!!

That is totally ridiculous!  Nothing that Denim & company makes can be manufactured at that price validly!  Nothing could go up that high!  That is what I was trying to relay in an earlier post of mine .