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credit the Q

I recently posted about receiving a bottle of Wen that had leaked out during transit.  Let me give "credit" to the Q because they sent me a replacement without my having to call. I was impressed with their attention to detail  THANKS MUCH!!!!

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Re: credit the Q

thats great and I have to give their CS kudos for being very helpful when I have had issues--always accomodating and to my advantage too. it's just their horrible shipping issues that stop me from ordering----but I hear that is being fixed-----

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Re: credit the Q

If this post was about a complaint there would be many, many posts complaining too.


But since its a good post, there is one reply.



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Re: credit the Q

I agree with 'imaoldhippie' is easy to bash QVC, but I must admit that the Customer Service has always been very good with my problems and concerns - and I've had my issues over the last 20+ years.  I honestly think they try to 'serve' the customers - better than some retailers out there!

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Re: credit the Q

@Imaoldhippie   Yes, people always "******" about the negative . . . suppose because that kind of experience stays with us longer.  The positives we take as a given.

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Re: credit the Q

Perhaps there are fewer replies on a complimentary post because one can give a heart to show agreement and move on without a reply. Or maybe people just are more enthusiastic about complaining...