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Not fair that you cant cancel an order within hours of the order probably  will not order from QVC again unless i bug customer service if i can cancel an order not fair so i will not pay to ship something back i dont want!  whats with that QVC

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My solution is to put items I think I want into my "wish" list.  Wait awhile and then decide whether or not to order.  There is nothing I need or want that I can't wait to order it.  I have never cancelled an order.



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I ordered the Tsv last night and then my Mother-in-law texted us and said she ordered it for us too.  Tried to cancel my order but the order didn't show up in my order status.  Thought no big deal... in the morning I will check and cancel the order.  In a rush this morning... so I tried on my lunch break to go on-line and cancel the order. NOPE order is already IN PROCESS ... unable to cancel the order that is due for delivery in 11 days.  I called customer service... they said "sorry, your order is on it's way, we are unable to stop the shipment".  Wow, I will be thinking more than twice about ordering.  

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I tried to cancel a Dooney purse TWO hours after I ordered it. Got the order is being processed for shipment so no cancellation at this time message. I kept trying the entire next day with no luck. The purse shipped four days later. That really irritated me. 

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This seems to be happening everywhere.  With today's computer systems, as soon as we order, the information is forwarded the warehouse for processing.


I ordered an expensive item from the  Dooney website that was on sale.  After, I placed the order, I remembered that I had a code to get an additional 30% off.  I called CS to see if they could apply the discount code not more than 3 or 4 minutes later.


I was told process had begun and the discount code couldn't be applied and the order couldn't be cancelled.  I asked the rep what she could do for me and she said " nothing" she would not credit me for the 30% discount.


I then told her I would reorder with the discount code and return the first one.  She said, that it will cost me $7.50 to return.  So, I said, I will be happy to pay $7.50 to save almost $60.


Since I paid with PayPal, they will reimburse my $7.50 shipping return fee.  I use PayPal when I can.


I will try to be more careful in the future. This experience didn't cost me anything, but it was an inconvenience.



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Q does this all the time w/ orders. They don’t want u canceling and they want your money - that’s why..!