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broken blue toile dish, and told "I" would have to ship the WHOLE set back to get the ONE dish replaced..

My second order came today, of the Churchill blue toile dishes.... One, 10 inch dinner plate was in pieces. I called to have ONE dinner plate, replaced, and sent to me.. I could have told you 4 things broke, like many people probably do..
This is only the second time Ive done business with QVC, and the last.... The first time was last week.. I bought 2 sets of the Churchill blue toile dishes, and the first shipment was perfect.. Shipped quickly, and packaged well.... The second set, I just got from my UPS man, about 30 minutes ago. When I opened all of it up, one of my dinner plates was broken in about 8 pieces, the plate on the bottom, due to careless shipping..
Not my error.. I called QVC... and am told by Gail, that in order to get my ONE dinner plate, I now have to box back up, and ship back to you the whole set, to get a whole new set..
This is the tackiest way of business, Ive ever heard of.. to treat honest customers this way..
Do you really expect people to stop what they are doing to re-package a 45 piece dinnerware set, and spend time and money to ship it back to you...??
Never, never, never again. Will I trade with you..and everytime I look at $280.00 worth of dishes, PLUS shipping.. I will now be reminded of the cost of one broken dish.