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I've bought things at the Q over the years where I've thought when it arrived, what the heck was I thinking when I bought THIS?!" But my best purchase ever, hands down, was the Dooney Cabriolet overnight bag. I had bought a Cabriolet bucket bag as a TSV in tan and loved it. Every time Judy Crowell showcased that overnight bag I'd sit on my hands so as not to call and order it. As I recall it was around $370 + tax + shipping putting it at a $400 price point. About a year after buying the bucket bag the overnight bag showed up "as is" for around $150. It was the same tan as my TSV bag. They were both made in the USA and 20 years later are both still in beautiful condition and used frequently. What's that one purchase you were happy you made?
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Re: Your Best Q Purchase!

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Hmmm, is it awful to say I can't think of anything?



Edited: I posted too quickly, my cats chimed in to say Berkshire blankets.

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I'm just going to say the first thing that popped into my mind (because it is spring) and say the Solar on Demand Double-tiered Fountain a few years back.


Ohhh... my husband complained and said I shouldn't order it and just went on and on.


Every year, he cannot wait to get that fountain on the porch and fills it up.  He  totally loves it.   Me too, lol Smiley Happy    



Now, if you are talking jewelry:  I have many pieces purchased when gold prices were affordable.  Cannot blame the Q for not presenting 14k and 18k gold shows when the prices are so high.   

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Amy’s ring. My birthday is next month and I said why not. I have liked it for a long time.

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Malden Mills fleece sheets. I love them and actually gave them as gifts to some very appreciative recipients.

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@KitTkat, glad those furbabies are digging their blankets! @Elri, you're a girl after my own heart! I'll buy something hubby thinks is ridiculous and begrudgingly has to admit I was right - lol. @Catiele, happy birthday in advance- enjoy your ring and wear it in good health!
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Women with Control Pants


They are the most comfortable pants that I've ever tried.  They are not dressy, so I don't wear them for work. But for everything else, I wear them all the time.   They are my go-to every day pants.  

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This one...?


Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at Sat, Mar 24, 2018-5.15.45 PM.png


I have been checking that ring out now for the past 2 yrs.  My ring size is still in stock. 

My BD is in a few months.  I better start throwing around some hints.whistling.gif

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Call blocker 

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J347313 Tova's "Love Wave Ring"