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Aside from all the gold jewelry purchased years ago, I'd say the Hangaway drying rack thing and an Intellichef chicken fryer.  They both have to be over 10-15 years old and I still use them multiple times a week.

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Several things but if I have to name one it’s our Malden Mills Polar Fleece Sheets. I purchased a total of 4 sets 2 queen and 2 full. We use them every winter with only a light weight blanket. They keep us toasty warm without a stack of blankets.

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I've gotten some nice things from Q over the course of about 25 years but I'm a jewelry junkie and probably my favorite is a marquise cut 5 stone graduated Diamonique ring in 14k.   Paid $99 for it.  Its still stunning.


I also have some nice old Imperial Gold and Beverly Hills Gold.

I also have some very nice sterling pieces.

Too expensive now......

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Technique Flame Set of 2 3-Cup Bowls w/ Pour Spouts and Lids


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@software, years ago when Kathy Levine did the Imperial Gold shows I always watched but never purchased. My husband and I go to a lot of auctions. In the past 4-5 years I have bought several box lots of jewelry where you bid, but are unable to see the contents. I now own 2 weighty, gorgeous Imperial Gold bracelets and 1 ring and paid a song for them (along with other 14k pieces and costume pieces). Glad you enjoy yours.
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Probably say my epilator is my best purchase.


As much as I enjoy my jewelry, my epilator serves a real purpose.

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@Group 5 minus 1, okay, I admit 100% I'm the least techno savvy person you'll ever meet. So here goes, does callblocker work on cell phones? I no longer have a landline. Thanks in advance - I' m sick of scammers.
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Shark rocket a few years ago. I don't like vacumming, and it scares the ****** out of my cat, but this thing is so awesome on hard surfaces.

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Linda Dano rugs, one under my dining room table and one under the coffee table in my family room.

Joan Rivers Christmas egg ornaments are a close second. 

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Too many things to list.  Luminara candles, northern night sheets to name a few.