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You're Making Shopping Unenjoyable

By relating the sale of every single solitary item to the virus in one way or another.  I just love to view the programming but I can't even listen to the continuous mention of the virus during the shows. Even the fashion vendors have to bring up the topic when talking about a clothing item.  It's like they're afraid to mention where you can wear the item, if it's to lunch with the girls they always have to add "of course we are eating outside and social distancing."  


So sick of it.

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Re: You're Making Shopping Unenjoyable

@rms1954   I guess the virus is one thing to which we can universally relate at this time.  It's on everyone's mind.

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Re: You're Making Shopping Unenjoyable

I pay little attention to any host/vendor spiel - just the specifics of the item presented.  It is all in what you make of it - like cutting off your nose to spite your face! 

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Re: You're Making Shopping Unenjoyable

I could not sleep the other night and went down a black hole on Youtube. I ended up on videos from QVC circa 2014, so really not that long ago. It VERY QUICKLY made me realize how different presentation were then.  I remember PM style, it was basically LR (love or hate her, not the point) and she would be on for 2+ hours talking about products with out a vendor. Most the other hosts it was the same thing, far more description and actual product information, results, materials, manufacturing etc. less BS. It was actually enjoyable to watch and listen to, not the painful banter it is now. 


Also, its absurd they pay for shipping on beauty and clothing. I shop elsewhere for 99% of things because I can get it to my house in less than 72 hours and free shipping.

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Re: You're Making Shopping Unenjoyable

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Re: You're Making Shopping Unenjoyable

@rms1954 I agree with you totally!


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Re: You're Making Shopping Unenjoyable

      Not only un-enjoyable but unwatchable. I think programming lately has been so repetitive and boring!!  TSV's so many hours in one day!!

      IT cosmetics every three hours. Philosophy - hours and hours. LOGO and Susan G over and over!  Bed mattress over and over!! Vacuum cleaner hours and hours!!  Three hours straight of diamonique!!  Definitely is a turnoff to spending some relaxing time watching the Q!! 

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Re: You're Making Shopping Unenjoyable

Been shopping for many years,spent money but now I see very little that I want or need.Now with the virus where do you go?Have far too many items that sit in the closets because don't go many places.Besides all that it's so sad to see and hear the same things selling every dayThe hosts need to sell,we don't need a vendor that's for the hosts,they are the ones to sell.I used to look forward to qvc,but it's just NOT the same,Denim/co was my go to being retired just need the basics,but prices are crazy.