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Re: Wrong, wrong, wrong... QVC business dealings

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As I stated in my original post, I found out by calling QVC customer service to find out why I could not see my order status.  That's when I found out that they had cancelled my account and order.  The point is there was $$ taken from my bank account (this was not a credit card purchase but an easy pay from my bank account) AND DID NOT NOTIFY ME OF ANYTHING... 

You are not dealing with ONE person or the Company that has done this. There is a string of employees doing their jobs and not paying attention, except to their part of the job. You need to talk to Supv. or Mgr. or Director, so they can trace it all backwards and clear it up. 


I had a repair charge in dispute that my credit card company was handling. Their "dispute" rep. told me not to pay that portion of my bill on my statement. Well, I subtracted it from the bill with the Rep. name and why. Well, it came thru with an interest charge for the portion I did not pay. It's not the company: each person did their job and they charged me interest. I just made one call and asked them to remove it, which they did. 

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Re: Wrong, wrong, wrong... QVC business dealings

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There was just an article in the NYTimes about creditors taking money from bank accounts.  Often these are very old debts that people are not aware of and the banks allow the creditors to take out the money, without the owners of the accounts knowledge or permission.

A little scary, if you ask me...


Also want to say, "Welcome, Kathy679412".  Don't take negative comments too much to heart.  As a relatively new poster, I've found that there are many thoughtful, intelligent, caring people on this forum.  As I've said before, there is also this strange element of paranoia and suspicion that is sometimes expressed, especially when someone is new.  Don't let it intimidate you; continue to join in.  Hope you get your situation sorted out.  These kinds of things can be extremely frustrating.  Sue