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I recently "purchased" a new mattress/foundation/frame from QVC. I received a call today (Sunday) that I needed to give a different card. They said they couldn't use prepaid cards? My pay is loaded on that card and has been for many years. MORE than enough to pay entirely for the item? I was told she could cancel also. If I didn't already have bedding accessories that were already shipped-that is exactly what I would've done. If the money is on the card, take it. What makes the difference. This is my first experience with QVC after many years watching. It will be the last and the last time I watch. Incredibly rude and apparently no common sense. If I wanted to use a credit card and run up a bill I would have. I use this because the money is already there. I will be advising friends to avoid QVC as well. Absolutely most absurd thing I've heard in a very long time.


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I know of a family that only use pre-paid cards to make their purchases.....and have used them on the Q....

Seems to me if they can pull the money right out...why would that be an issue with the Q...the money would no longer be available to you to use it for anything a credit card....

The least the c.s. could have done was explain the reasoning behind it...

Maybe someone on here will have the answer for both of us.......

I am sorry you are having this problem....

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My guess is that a credit card is revolving credit and could be used for easy pays every month.

A pre-paid card will run down as the owner spends money .... and then it's an invalid card. A retailer can't bill a pre-paid card with no money on it.

As for having your pay loaded onto a card, where is your checking account? Not everything can be paid for with these prepaid cards! {#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}

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Is this an easy pay item, or are you paying for it all at once? Easy pay I can see why they might object. Pay all at once, they are nuts. I've used debit cards for years and never had a problem, but we have pretty good credit. Shop HQ says they make credit inquiries, I don't know whether QVC does or not. I suspect a lot of fraud is going on, its too bad you got caught in the sweep.

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Prepaid debit cards can be used when making purchases for items that are paid in full; they cannot be used for EP. Only credit cards and bank-issued debit cards (tied to checking accounts) can be used for EP.

The primary reason behind this is to reduce fraud and expenses. Prepaid debit cards (some of which can be purchased at the gas station) are not verifiable. There is no way for QVC to ensure the identity of address of the user. People could purchase expensive items for the price of a single EP, then skip town without paying an item off. The costs would then be passed along to the rest of us.

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If you were paying in full, I can't see why the purchase would be declined, unless it's the type of pre-paid card that can't be verified as belonging to you; a throw away type card. I could understand that, because the potential for fraud is very real. It doesn't sound like that type of card, though. If, however, this was an easy pay, many companies will not allow pre-paid, or sometimes any debit cards, for easy pay type arrangements. The reason, of course, is that you're paying with cash and there is no way they can verify the cash will be there for future payments. I have used both pre-paid and debit cards on QVC without a problem.
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I understood the OP to be paying in full...maybe I am mistaken...I could see if it was an e-z pay purchase....those refillable cards can't be trusted...(no offense to you OP) but something could happen and then the Q would be out the money....but if she is paying in full..I can't see why the Q didn't pull that money out...and send her the mattress...

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I can fully understand Q's position if you elected to use easy pay. I can't imagine that you don't see it either. Often these cards are used by people who can't get credit cards and there is not only not enough to pay it in full, but there may be nothing there next month for that payment either. All they want is some assurance that they'll be that a hard concept to understand? They don't know you or what your financial habits are. Try to put yourself in their place.
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I wonder if this is new, as I use a prepaid card for all of my online shopping. Too paranoid about having identity stolen and funs drained. I have been using prepaid card for years, this year I got an air conditioner and a Samsung Galaxy from the Q on Easy problems. I hope their policy doesnt change now.