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Why so long to deliver replacement since it was QVC's mistake

I ordered Lavender sheets on Nov. 7th. They arrived Nov. 14th. They sent green sheets. I sent them back the SAME day and went to the post office. I see according to my computer that my returned item arrived back at their location on Nov. 16th. They still haven't acknowledged the return or sent me the correct color. This is taking forever. I called CS and first of all I could barely hear her. Secondly, she left 2 times and put me on " hold " for several minutes each time. She then said she could send me a replacement but I would be charged s/h. I said NO. Also told me it takes 3 days after they receive it to put info into the computer that it was received and supposedly then they send out a replacement. Well, it has been 3 days and they still haven't sent out the replacement. Gosh. I hate being on hold for 5 min or so. Seems like forever. Feeling the need to vent.