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Help us understand why Q2 is of value when there is NO live programming.  All the reruns are repeated AND product availability isn't there.  If apparel is re-airing there's no identifier for size/color availability.  Same with kitchen items and others.  I'm also seeing that the main channel is no longer 24/7.  All you see from 2:00am - 7:00am is the TSV hour repeated every single hour.  No value there for same reasons.

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Because it's there.

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Re: Why have Q2?

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Q2 is a defunct network started by Barry Diller in 1994 that closed in 1996.


Are you talking about QVC2? QVC2 started in 2013 as QVC Plus, showing all repeats for a number of years. No one complained about it then. After a couple years they started doing a live hour here and there and slowly added more hours to a maximum 12 live hours a day from 1/1/2019-3/16/2020. Maybe we'll get to that point with QVC2 again, after more cable companies carry the channel: it is currently only carried in about half the U.S. homes that QVC is broadcast in and during this pandemic it is not financially viable for QVC to broadcast live regularly on two channels.

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@Buster56: I think QVC2 repeats are available for those who miss original programs on the main channel. As for the repeat programming, QVC has been running repeats from 3:00AM-7:00AM for several months now. 

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I can see only one QVC channel on TV.  

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You're bringing up a subject that others questioned here. 


I think QVC stopped live programming on Q2 because of declining sales, a cost cutting measure; however, it was stopped during the second quarter when sales were increasing due to people being home during the lockdown.


445 employees and 4 hosts were laid off, as well.


The sales increase doesn't mean they are out of the woods.  For example, one month ago I had to wait 2 weeks for a home grocery delivery.  Yesterday, every day and most hours were open for next day delivery.  The country is opening, people returning to work, and shopping again in stores, so grocery delivery is no longer needed.  


Will those shoppers during the lockdown continue to shop at QVC as they return to their pre-Covid-19 buying habits?  That remains to be seen.  












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Re: Why have Q2?

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Even though a LOT of cable channels don't carry it, you can stream it---in the upper right hand corner click SHOP QVC TV and then WATCH QVC2 TV....Perhaps since streaming is so popular QVC thought people would stream Q2, but apparently no one does, and besides who now wants to stream that channel and use their data for RERUNS!!! 

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