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Why do so many products have either teflon coating, spandex, or polyester in them?

I have stopped using my teflon coated pans, and don't wear any clothing with spandex or polyester in it, and I have noticed that more and more items contain one or the other now.

I used to buy most of my clothing from QVC, until 4 or 5 years ago, when they suddenly switched over to spandex in everything. I used to cook with teflon, until it really started bothering me too much. The fumes overwhelmed me one evening, while I was making dinner, and I actually had to leave the kitchen! I was choking and my eyes were bothering me terribly. That really made me realize, firsthand, the real dangers of teflon!

Almost every piece of cookware sold now, on the Q, has the nonstick teflon coating! Everything has become synthetic, or laden with chemicals now! {#emotions_dlg.scared}