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Re: Why QVC is not user friendly

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@Goldengate8361 wrote:

In the grand scheme of things, this just doesn’t sound like a huge deal to me. You’ll get the $5 on your waitlist item. It’s only $5, which, for me, isn’t worth getting personally upset about (bad emotion experienced, blood pressure going up, etc). Sometimes, it’s useful to just “roll” with things and let it go.


I believe she said the waitlisted item was cancelled.  So she's not getting the $5 off of either item.


You're right of course that $5 is a very small amount of money.  Which is why QVC shouldn't have been so ridiculous about it.  If $5 is small to customers, imagine how insignificant is to QVC!  And it's not about the money - It's the principle. 


QVC dropped the ball here - They offered $5 to lure her back, made things difficult for her, and she ended up paying full price.  It seems to me that the OP isn't overly upset.  She's just sharing what happened, and has decided to shop elsewhere.