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Re: Who would be your "final straw" lay-off?

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Gone trying to get cottage ready for summer.  Burst pipe, etc.  I've read with great interest and surprise that most people are not joined at the hip to certain hosts.  By the tenor of the C&D posts, I was thinking we were ready for mutiny.  The host I thought was "safest" is Mary Beth.  Yet here she was in two different time slots on Mother's day.  Obviously the new management is no longer letting long time hosts coast with special schedules.  When I heard one of the least liked hosts mention she had asked for an extra shift in prime time that week,  I figured out her game. She wants to keep her job.


We are forgetting one thing, SALES.  I don't know the exact mechanism of how they are graded, but it is there.  

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Re: Who would be your "final straw" lay-off?

As is known for years, when you work for a company and get old and do not perform as used to, in this case sales, companies did what was called " put on the shelf." 

Companies do not become soft hearted where business is concerned. 

To leave with dignity when you are at retirement age, is to save pride and dignity. It's time to make room for the young when you can retire.Long gone are the days when one worked for one company all your life and got a gold watch at retirement age. If you don't leave, you will be pushed out.

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Re: Who would be your "final straw" lay-off?



To answer your question. 



I just love Leah Williams.   i would really really hate to see her go ....

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Re: Who would be your "final straw" lay-off?

So completely agree with you about the kitchen shows.  They go over the colors waaaaaayyyyy too many times --- instead of  talking about the product.  The colors seem to be what is important.  Makes me crazy..haha!  I'm 55 and I remember watching In The Kitchen With Bob.  Loved that.  I do like the shows now....just a little too much sometimes. Smiley Happy

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Re: Who would be your "final straw" lay-off?

There was an article a few years ago that pointed that when David goes over the colors of items, their sales improve.  It's a hook for the customers.  So I expect that we'll be seeing him go over the colors a lot.

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Re: Who would be your "final straw" lay-off?

@depglass wrote:

Who would be the host that means so much to you that you would never darken QVC's website or phone lines again?          

I might want to ask the hosts if they are willing to not darken Q's door ever again because of the 400 or so other employees who were laid off at the same time.

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