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What the "Q" Gave Me For Xmas!

I decided to treat myself to the computer I always wanted: a Sony VIO - I have a coupon for 5 easy pays so I called yesterday. total $1,029.14;easy pay $205.82 YEAH.

So I check my QVC account this morning - and there is my computer ordered - everything is fine.

I check my checking account and NOT ONLY DID THEY CHARGE the easy pay of $205.82, but also the entire purchase amount of $1,029.14! I have since last night incurred $518.85 charges in overdraft. After speaking to a Supervisor at QVC (her name is Africa) who told me "there is nothing we can do" - but I will fax you bank if you get me the fax number - she would not even call the bank herself. So I did - she said she would call me back in 10 minutes - get the fax number from me and fax my bank to reimburse funds....I HAVE NEVER HEARD FROM HER.

So her I am X-Mas eve with a mess of a checking account and 3 business days of bounced checks at $500+ per day and QVC will do nothing about it.

By the way I placed my order with a phone rep - so I can't even blame myself for ordering on-line.

I am just sick - but it's time to let it go and get on with the important things in life - being lucky enough to spend X-mas alone with my cat and a bunch of good movies - life is good.

Happy Holidays to all......