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What the heck is going on???

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Can't login to the app, resulting in me missing an item because it sold out.  Items recently on air for QVC2 is not complete for Gourmet Holiday.  Shipping, returns, IT, QVC you are going to you-know-where really fast.


When is it going to get better?????


Oh and now I can't even post a comment in the forums.


Maybe QVC is trying to tell me something.  Hmmmmmmm. 


And I am really being nice in this post, because I had something totally different in mind for the topic but opted to soften it to keep from getting zapped, which may still happen.  But at least @alarmclock got to view the post.

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Re: What the heck is going on???

This site has numerous problems, Videos run about a third of the page and then lockup.  Have had this problembefore and cust service told me they were working on it.  Some 3 to 6 months later videos were working again.  Now I have same problem.  I am usuing Windows 10 with Chrome browser

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Re: What the heck is going on???

I use the app quite a bit, so after reading your post (and 'clock's) I went to the app. Signed in, went to my account without any problem.

Whatever it was, It's resolved now @Snowhite714 .    

Maybe try it again?