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Re: What's going on with the return process?

I agree with all of you regarding the length of time that it takes to gat a return back to QVC and get your credit.  There is no way to track the package being returned just like there is no way to track a package for an order you placed.  The only time you can click on the tracking and actually see results is when it has arrived at your house and sometimes when you return an item and it has arrived at QVC.  What an antiquated and useless system.


QVC needs to take a look at the Amazon process and learn from them.  WOW!  Talk about efficient with placing an order and with a return they are on top of it.  You can follow your package every step of the way.


I am waiting for my credit on a set of sheets that I had to return to QVC.  Package was sent out over 8 days ago.  QVC has still not received it.

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Re: What's going on with the return process?

Thanks spabar, Newgistics explains it. It can be tracked on there, and is supposed to have been delivered to Lancaster on the 5th, even though it doesn't show up as a return on my account and the CS rep didn't have a record of a return when I called her. I guess one hand doesn't know what the other is doing.

Newgistics is usually slower than molasses in January with anything else I've received, but at least it makes it eventually-I think. And you're right about tracking being horrible for anything but UPS, peridot. USPS has GPS so they know every step the carrier takes, but they can't tell you about what people care about-their parcels.