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What made you start watching QVC?

QVC caught my eye in the early 90s. I was a new mom and QVC kept me company during those nighttime feedings.


I can't remember the host's name, but I loved watching her present porcelain dolls in the overnight hours. She'd point out every detail of the doll and her clothing, she had a soothing voice and beautiful nails! Maybe some of you can remind me of her name; I think she was involved in animal rescues. She's no longer there. 


I got to know the hosts; Mary Beth Roe is my all-time favorite, but I loved the fancy gold jewelry shows that Pat James-Dementri did. So many great memories and vendors over the years.


When did you start watching and why? 

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Re: What made you start watching QVC?

I started watching CVN (I think that was what it was called) many years ago.  I don't remember when.  My first purchase was a pair of Imperial Gold hoop earrings that Mary Beth presented.  I still have those earrings.  


I don't remember what the name of the network was that bought CVN, but it eventually became QVC.

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Re: What made you start watching QVC?

I was a newlywed and we had just bought our first house in April. 1986. The cable guy came to hook up the TVs. He turned the bedroom TV to CVN (?) and said it was a new shopping channel the cable provider had just added. Became QVC soon after.


The rest is history.

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Re: What made you start watching QVC?

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1989...bought a lot of silver....from Jill Bauer....don't remember how i found the friends at work thought i was crazy....silver items have been purchasing has drastically age 70....just don't need a lot of stuff anymore....

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Re: What made you start watching QVC?

A coworker told me about it. She was wearing Demin & Co original jeans. This was in the late nineties. 

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Re: What made you start watching QVC?

I discovered it one night when I had been cramming for a test and needed a break.  It was CVN and Toni Price was the host.  She was selling oversized sweaters - They were in style in the later '80s.  

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Re: What made you start watching QVC?

My sister and my dear friend ( God rest her soul, I miss her so much ). They would tell me what they bought, or one of them would have something cute on, and I would ask where they got it, and they would say, QVC. So I thought it was time for me to check it out. That was about seven years ago. My first purchase was a Steel by Design watch, which I still have. My first clothing purchase was two Isaac Mizrahi long sleeve sleeve cotton tunics, which I still wear. I love Isaac's t-shirts. I own a lot of them. Regular and Pima cotton. I retired three years ago, so I don't buy nearly as much as I used to. Especially now. No where to go and nothing to do.

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Re: What made you start watching QVC?

When I moved from Southern Cali to the Pacific Northwest in 1991 I had a rude awaking when it came to shopping.  Where was Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Bullocks, Robinsons, May Co, Sak's 5th Ave, etc.  Nordstrom was here but that was it.  I saw QVC on TV.  I started there and in catalogs.  Soon I was a full fledged online shopper!

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Re: What made you start watching QVC?

I began watching in the 1980's in the afternoon when our young sons were taking a nap.  That was when you had a few minutes to buy then the price was off.

I couldn't stand "soaps" and all of the melodramatic conversations.


I loved Kathy Levine.

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Re: What made you start watching QVC?

More than 30 years ago when QVC first started and I started watching, it was the novelty of seeing items presented.  And items that I hadn't seen in stores.  Now the novelty is gone and so is my watching!