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I've noticed that some of the former Q vendors have gone over to, which has Kathy Levine....use to be check it out on the internet.

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It certainly seems like the hosts are paid VERY well with all their constant lavish trips, clothes, homes etc. I know they work very hard but so do many of us and we aren't as fortunate to live like this.

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I Used to watch and buy on QVC because they had interesting and unique items that I could not get elsewhere. Now I can get the same items at multiple other sources often for less than QVC prices and with free shipping. No need for me to pay their prices and S&H anymore.
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Look at it this way:

What Invicta Watches are to EVINE aka SHOPNBC.

Dysons are to QVC.

Both are getting very tiresome.

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You are right pieman. I have never watched that show SHOPNBC but for some reason it's on my 'favorites' button. So when I push it, it comes up (I think my grandson did something, maybe he likes it). Ha!

Anyway, every time it comes up those stupid watches pop up.

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On 2/9/2015 stevieb said:

Good gosh, I don't know what happened, but it is SO not pretty...

I'd add that I'm not buying that the internet is the problem... If they offer interesting, diverse products, both on the air and on-line, at competitive prices they can compete. They simply don't choose to. It's easier to keep bombarding their audience with the same type of stuff relentlessly... If their financials are any indication, a lot of it isn't selling as well as some would assume it is, merely because they keep showing it...

Moreover, it seems the Q has less of a focus on direct sales and is increasingly serving as the middle-man for those products we tend to see on an all too regular basis. They provide air-time and hosts for those companies and are essentially, it seems, at least as much in the business of producing infomercials for third parties as they are in the business of direct sales of their own inventory to customers...

Whatever the reason or reasons, it's really a shame how bad it's become...

Well said. I totally agree.

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On 4/8/2015 Moon River said:

I agree with the OP! I used to learn about all kinds of nice things I didn't know were out there. One example is watching a Claire Murry show. She is the one on Cape Cod that designs rugs, pillows and dinnerware. I bought several of her things and loved those shows. I used to love Boyds Bears and have a nice collection of their bears. Then the Tiffany style lamp shows, they were wonderful to watch. I started a very nice collection of those lamps. Very good quality and I have always loved a nice tiffany lamp with that warm glow coming through. Now they only have these lousy candle lamps with cheap glass on QVC. I hate those.

There was a girl named Tracy Porter who would come on once in awhile with gorgeous pottery pieces she made. I bought a few of her items. The baskets from Peterboro baskets I bought a few of those and still using them. They are wonderful and so well made. Polish stoneware was another show I enjoyed. I have a soapdish I treasure from them and another item. I miss the Halloween shows that Dave King used to do.

I think QVC is wanting there own products. I think companies are commissioned by them to create items or brands and they take ownership. So Claire Murry wouldn't bring them enough money or Boyds etc. Leaving us cheated and bored with the same old vendors and items.

I loved the old QVC and it was those other venors that made the show fresh and brought me here.

Thank you OP for the memories.Wink I hope QVC will start shopping around for great items out there for us to look at and enjoy again. I wish I was in charge over there!

I remember that Cape Cod show but cannot remember the lady's name or company name. The merchandise was charming, beachy. It was one of the first shows I watched on QVC.

The population is aging, more baby boomers sitting home watching TV and shopping, liking the hosts and presentation of merchandise. Some don't have access or knowledge of computers to check prices, other merchandise offered. So it's easy to get that power washer or new bed, whatever. Some have brand loyalty, like for QF. Some merchandise does sell out.

I'm not upset or concerned about the changes in QVC. It's just the way it is. Things change. The company has to do what works for the bottom line.

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Evine Live is much better for home shopping nowadays.

Q has really dropped in Quality, Value and Convenience .

if that means keeping up with the times,

I can spend my money elsewhere.