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I watched Terri Conn for 3 hours this a.m. Boy is she terrific and just adorable. Seems to have a nice personality and definitely not full of herself. Her manner is so pleasant and she really points out all the features of the products she is presenting. I will try to find other shows she is hosting.

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Totally agree. Everytime I see her on, I think this. So easy to watch, well spoken, no dramatics, likeable, personable, but keeps it totally about the products. QVC: DO MORE OF THAT.


Wish she was on more in primetime...she has been on more lately, I think filling in for some during the holidays.

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I agree. She is terrific!!!

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I like her too.

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Re: What A great Host

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I agree Terri Conn would be a great addition to the prime time or late afternoon programming. One of the hosts in particular who is always on during that time of day would be better placed with the earlier in the day programs.

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Re: What A great Host

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Terri comes across as being very sweet.  I notice she's generous with complimenting others.  

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Terri is very pleasant to watch, she's knowledge about the products, she's not full of herself....just a good professional QVC host! 

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@Tatanoo Couldnt agree with you more.She is a lovely host.

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A star is born! Talk about hiding in plain sight. Terri is so much fun and gives great product information. She also interacts so nicely with the vendors. 

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FYI, her hubby is Austin Peck from Days of Our Lives and As the World Turns, I thinbk she was also on ATWT.