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@shaggygirl I see what you mean.

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Re: Welcome back Shawn!

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@4labs wrote:

From one adoptive mom to another,,, I'm so very happy for you and your husband.  Your daughter is beautiful and, like mine is for me, obviously the light of your life.  Seeing your pictures brings back many memories from 28 years ago when our little circle was completed.

What a lovely sentiment @4labs.  May Shawn and her husband create the lovely memories you have attained with your daughter in your family............

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@Fair Lady wrote:

@shaggygirl I see what you mean.

In other words, she thinks lucrative means it's a bargain for you.

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Yes, that word "lucrative" misused makes me crazy!  Why don't they help her with that?

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Don't know what SHaun's college major was but obviously it was not English.