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Thanks to Omar in CS for straightening this out.    Once again, QVC CS was great!


I sent back two sweaters for exchange -- same colors, different sizes.    I put a photocopy of packing slips inside each sweater bag with EXCHANGE highlighted in yellow and new size highlighted in yellow -- wanted it to be EZ for QVC employees to recognize.   When I returned sweaters (in one package), the new sizes were in stock.  Today I got email saying I got refunds (no exchanges).   My refund deducted return S&H.    I called CS, talked with Omar.   He checked and said the sweaters were in stock so exchanges should have been made.   By this time, I told him I did not need the sweaters so I wanted a full refund.  It was Q's mistake not exchanging merchandise so I should not have been charged return S&H.  Omar handled, and the rest of my refund will be issued. 


Because a lot of holiday returns are made at this time of year, I assume Q handlers were overwhelmed and overlooking my exchange was simply an error.   I have never had a problem with returns or exchanges before.   


This is just a warning when you want an exchange and get a refund instead.   Check  to see if product is in stock or out.   Talk with CS about any concerns.

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Hi @1OldBroad thank you so much for your kudos for Omar who turned this experience around for you. I have send an email with your post to his supervisor. I am sure Omar will be thrilled. Thank you again.