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I don't even know what "possibly exposed" even means.


She posted a photo of herself on social media with Jagger lying right next to her.  Unless Jagger was also possibly exposed, I don't think this is wise. 

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@Lipstickdiva  She tested NEGATIVE..She just said that she was probably exposed...and she was doing the quarentining because she has to...Just because you might have beenexposed to it,Doesn't mean you will get it....My Husband had a co worker whose Wife had it and then he got it.My Husband  & 2 other co-workers got tested 2 times and all were Negative...Me I was negative also..So, I guess not everyone will get this even if you were exposed to it. I'm beginning to believe  it's much like the FLU.Not everyone gets the Flu..Even the people who don't take the vaccine,don't get it...