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I'll wear my crossbody bag while drinking the free wine as i'm playing the slots.  

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@Group 5 minus 1 Sorry, I am not sure if you are serious or there is another meaning. I'm going to take it as a serious question.


I personally can't stand the casino's. However, my parents love them and go at least once a week. I know my mom carries her handbag very close to her when she goes. 


I have no idea the affiliation between wine and casiono's though. 

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No wine (or anything alcoholic) for me. Alcohol is extremely unhealthy. No gambling or casinos for me (throwing money away is just dumb).

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Re: Vendor and handbag

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@Group 5 minus 1   Gibberish until there's an explanation and meaning of the question.

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I'll take a stab at it.....maybe the OP is referring to people that think that both alcoholic consumption and gambling are immoral acts?


Regarding the wine glasses and other antics, I have an obsolete view of shopping where I don't care for the merger of shopping and entertainment.  Its not just QVC. I've read that it's the current method of obtaining customers at brick and mortar stores, to provide a so-called shopping experience.






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I have no clue as to what the wine and casinos and handbag connections are.


It would be nice if there were context or backstory to some of these vague references. 


Then, we would all know what we should be commenting about.

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I pride myself on reading comprehension 101, but huh? Woman Frustrated

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No,I mean the objections about gambling. Remember when it was illegal almost everywhere and as bad as drinking.

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Perhaps the host said something like "you can take this out to brunch, on a cruise, at a casino!!" ? The tired ole standby comments about a product to entice the shoppers to purchase for their imaginary life but this time they threw in gambling. That's all I can think of.
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@DebbieMA That was pretty funny!  Imaginary life, LOL!   Good one.