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Co hosting together. How refreshing 

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I agree!

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Yes, they seem to be a good pair.

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both lovely hosts

Vanessa needs more time on air 

Pat it's all good 

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Saw part of the D&C show this morning with Vanessa and Gary.  She's a lovely host and interacts well with Gary.  Greaet twosome!

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I enjoy them both, either together or alone. I find Vanessa's style to be refreshing and soothing, while being able to mention key selling points and information on what she's presenting. I enjoy Pat, she's never frantic or yelling, and she looks better everytime I see her. They're both beauties, IMO.

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Vanessa has a very soothing voice..they work well together...

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Pat doesn't need any help from Vanessa or anyone else.  Pairing her with another person just muddies the waters.

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Pat is a good teacher and I think Vanessa working directly with Pat will be a great learning process for her.  Pat is experienced as we know and I like Vanessa and some air time with Pat will benefit her .

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I prefer (when I watch) a single host. I don't care for pairs.