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When did Valerie turn into Rick Domier?  She used to be so calming and enjoyable to watch --very low key.  She seems more hyper to me today.

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Re: Valerie, where are you?tt

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It may not be anything serious. Could be she's just having an off day, like anyone else.

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Re: Valerie, where are you?tt

I think she decided to stand up for herself and she likes how it feels, they are all under pressure to make those sales.

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She was real calm and kept Rick on his best behavior when I saw them on in July or Aug  early Christmas  show. Maybe her sales were off. It seems as though all the Hosts  and alot of the vendors are going Hyper these days. Bet ya , the sales quotas are off. The cost of electricity and water bills and just running ahousehold are pretty high these days . Let's not even go into the price of colleges ...


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Re: Valerie, where are you?

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I noticed that today too when I watched her for awhile when Carolyn was hosting. She was indeed way more animated and faster talking than usual. I watched during the portion when they were showing little sparkly trees and they took a "secret passage" (according to Valerie) to another part of the display. Maybe she felt she had to get a step ahead and keep a step ahead of Carolyn because if given the chance she can easily run roughshod right over the vendors. 

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The air of desperation to sell things has certainly been spreading on QVC.

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She must have a new house to pay for. 

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I absolutely adore Valerie and have for years. I decorate for the holidays with many of her items and can never resist the urge to buy something when she visits. It was a morning show and could simply have been an extra cup of coffee or two. I still thought she did an amazing job.😁



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@DottieD wrote:

The air of desperation to sell things has certainly been spreading on QVC.

I totally agree !

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I guess that I am not alone in noticing the desperation trying to get their sale numbers up. Oh and to be reminded every 5 minutes how many have been sold. That tactic does not work for me.