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Help! Where can I get the 7.25 inch Styrofoam piece that Valerie places into her urns to stabilize her Christmas trees? I have searched Michael's crafts, and Amazon. I am not near Hobby Lobby. Any suggestions? It's for a 5 foot tree.

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can't you cut a piece to fit?

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You can easily cut Styrofoam with an electric knife.

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Or even a serrated bread knife!

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Etsy has a "foam block," but it's 12 x 12 x 20 inches.  They might have smaller sizes. 


You may not be able to find the exact size you want, but you can cut the block to the size you need.

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Walmart may have Styrofoam blocks and if they are not large enough you can use floral tape or wire to hold them together. then just push the blocks down into the urn. Shouldn't be too difficult. I have done this before and trust me I am not a crafter. 

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Re: Valerie's urn

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Florist or go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a sheet of insulation foam. That's what I use for my Christmas village.


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Thank-you all for taking time to answer. Yes, I know I can cut a piece, just for once I didn't want to have to "Mickey Mouse" something.