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Great response.....Same as all the air fryers, counter top ovens, fans, electric heaters, etc..pots,pans,kitchen gadgets, most popular "stonewear".......clothes!!!



NONE of those items are made here...and all of them have some "stars" name laser cut on  a vinyl sticker pasted onto it....



IF all the stuff I named above was made one could afford it. You can't pay 15-20 dollars an  hour in wages and turn out 6.00 shoes like at Walmart. Nope.And no one wants to go back to the "old" wages. so someone can buy 6.00 shoes at Walmart...can't blame them!


Beyond that, many people don't know that "Bell and Howell" (inventors of the projector) and "Sharper Image" are just buyers of stuff from China with thier name slapped on it, per licensing agreement. B+H makes nothing ( or very little) and are no longer really producing anything.



I chuckle whenever I see that name on the shopping channels....coasting on the reputation of when they were a top notch legitimate electronics developer.


No different than that "Emeril" branded oven. Vinyl sticker, licensed name use.



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@Kachina624 wrote:

I think retailers everywhere of all kinds of merchandise are struggle to keep price points as low as possible while costs rise.


How to do this?  By decreasing quality; cheaper materials, faster more amateurish labor, less expensive packaging, etc., etc.  In addition, transportation costs have gone sky-high. 


We see this everywhere, in clothing and all manufactured products including Valerie's  knick nacks.  Americans want quality  but don't want to pay for it.  As soon as they see a price increase, there's  a cry of protest.


So what's  it going to be, quality or cheap?

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I'm sorry to  hear it @TCMits   I don't buy a lot of things from VPH any more because honestly I do NOT need one more thing for my house.


Plus as you and others have said, I've had items fail after the return date has passed AND I am not a fan of glitter everywhere so if the item is glittered, I don't order it. 

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I never had good luck with any of her illuminating items. They never lasted more than one season. I am a big fan of Home Goods. You can see the items for yourself and the prices are excellent.

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I think somebody put in a few extra zeros when they placed the order for those lanterns. That's why they're still being presented. We'll see if they show up in July!

I ordered two items from VPH, years ago, and both were lovely, but whatever factory needs to focus on quality control. I purchased a glitter-swirling angel, which was lovely, but i noticed the liquid inside was slowly evaporating. 😕 i never did find any leaks. I was keeping it out, but now it only comes out for the holidays. I bought a trio of color morphing snowmen which are so cute, but a few weeks into the season one of them fizzled out. I still have them, but the wonky one sits in the middle of the trio.

I don't blame people working for a pittance to support their families; the owners of those businesses have no incentive to improve quality.
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Her items are JUNK!!!!


Everythng she sells looks like Dollar Store or Michael's cleaance items!!!


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I have enjoyed Valerie's shows over the years and she is a lovely lady. Now, as a senior just have enough decor items and I refuse to buy anything else that takes batteries or has glitter. No more lanterns, hurricanes, dishware, figurines. If I want something new I just go to Homegoods where prices are cheaper and no shipping cost.  I think my favorite things from Valerie are lamps (bought several) candle rings, a cabinet and glass table which holds plants.

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@Carmie wrote:

Valerie does not design the things she offers.


She, along with thousands of other sellers/vendors, go to a factory in China and look at their offerings.  They choose what they want and an order is placed.


I would guess that those who do not wish to travel, look at the merchandise on their computer and request a sample of things they might want.


Then they place an order.  China is dumbing down their goods.  They do make beautiful well constructed items, but as long as they can sell junk, they will continue.


When I visited China, I went into these warehouses to see all the goods being offered.  Most of the things I saw were Christmas items, but they have everything from home goods to clothing.

Valerie has no control over the quality of the items she orders.  She takes it on good faith that the items will be good quality.  Often, they are not.

I believe this as well for the most part. She goes to the markets every year and asks what everyone would like to see more of. 

she does do lives on FB and recently she showed sketches of the garden maidens and all the of the design changes they went through to find the final design. She says she has a design team and they design things so maybe she really does design some things. 

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Re: Valerie quality decline

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@Estellee wrote:

I like what I have purchased from her over the years but I agree about that styrofoam packaging, it is a mess for repackaging if someone needs to return an item.

The styrofoam drives me nuts. I am chasing small pieces for days after opening things. Another thing is the stupid card she encloses. How many trees have lost their lives for those things.

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What hasn't gone down in quality? I'm happy with Valerie's Christmas stuff I bought as is.