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Re: Valerie quality decline

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I agree about Valerie's things and that they have declined though sometimes she has something which reminds me of the kind of things she used to have which really were very well made.


Her lamps from years ago, even her flameless candles, her faux trees and outdoor lanterns, wooden swans to name a few.


I bet she uses different manufacturers because it is really hit or miss and a lot of misses. And yes lots of glitter, light up things, and mercury glass balls. I still like to watch her. She is very good at making everything look and sound special.


Some of her nicer things are never shown on air like her placemats which are very well made.

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I feel like I am kind of an expert on Valerie. I have a large storage unit packed, and the vast majority is Valerie. 


I agree the quality isn't always the best. I get some things and wonder how she ever put her name on it. 


Everyone says Val cares, and I disagree. If you complain about quality on her FB page….where she tells you to leave your comments, she will block you. 



The styrofoam she uses is cheap. It makes a huge mess. I buy from other places and get better quality styrofoam. Because my things are stored, I repack everything back in their original box. 


She gets a hit and beats it to death. It is the same thing in different forms year after year. A lot of her originality is gone and her prices are getting ridiculous. I rarely buy new from her anymore. I wait u til something comes in As Is and read the reviews.

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@TheMemphisVette wrote:



better and more $$ here: 


@TheMemphisVette.  Aren't these all Qurate-owned subsidiaries?  All have considerably higher prices than QVC.  Also perhaps better quality in holiday decor.

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Re: Valerie quality decline

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I know I'm particular about all the home decor I buy, so perhaps I'm just doing a good job of selecting items, but I have been very happy with my last three VPH purchases:


• H426893, set of two navy ribbed mercury glass hurricanes (even though
  I swore I'd never buy another mercury glass piece three years ago!)—They
  sparkle like the night sky and look magnificent in my dining room.
• H442846, set of three ceramic cake stands with ribbon—These have been
  on my wish list for awhile and finally went on sale; they're classic and lovely
  and I've already got plans in my head for them for the rest of the year.
• H451601, oversized midnight blue celebration hurricane—I talked myself
  out of buying this last year, regretted it, and was happy to snap it up as soon
  as it returned this year; I honestly can't believe how nice it looks without any
  lights at all, let alone with the sparkling/flashing of the fireworks at night.


I am far more likely to buy VPH items for the autumn and holidays, but these pieces have brought me lots of joy in the interim. I actually kept the celebration hurricane out and running with my ribbed hurricanes for almost a full month after buying it because I enjoyed it so much.


(I also may luck out with VPH items because no glitter is allowed in my house due to my abhorrence of it, so that precludes a lot of purchases! Even inside a lantern, you'll find no glitter around me.  Smiley Wink)


As always, I think it may just depend on what you buy—there is quality to be had if you keep a watchful eye and remember that the more intricate the handpainting, the less likely it is to be done well in a mass production (from Valerie or any vendor). Sad but true. I hope we continue to get nice things from the vendors at the Q; I do occasionally look elsewhere, but it is helpful to see live presentations, hear from the people who sourced the items, and read reviews before investing. So all my forum friends, keep posting and happy shopping!  Smiley Happy

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It's nice that you found things you love.

I will say I do love so much the eucalyptus tree I got from her.

Everyone who sees it is sure it's real. I did look at other places and hers is just the best and really the best price when I got it anyway. I don't know what it is now.

"If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew. Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? can you paint with all the colors of the wind?"
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@on the bay - Not all of Valerie's faux plants are great, but when she gets things right, she really gets them right! I have a VPH orchid that I bought five or six years ago and just about every visitor to my home mentions that I must have quite a green thumb to keep it looking so stately and beautiful.  Smiley Very Happy

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@TCMits wrote:
I’m a widower who has looked to her for “guidance” in terms of my home now. It used to be her products got strong positive affirmations from friends and family in my home. 



Your heartfelt post resonated as I think I understand what you are saying.  I remember in the past and maybe most recently 3 or 4 years ago Valerie had wonderful vignettes using many of her items in a good artistic way.   Doesn't seem like a lot of good design lately and as you say they are cheaply made.   


It was easy to use her design guidance but doesn't seem there is any now.


I wish I had suggestions for you except if you shop at brick and mortar maybe venture out to a TJMaxx Homegoods?  They still see to have a decent design sense and prices are lower.

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It is a hit or miss anymore with her things. I finally got her set of Carolers in the sleigh and I absolutely LOVE it. Worth every penny! Her lanterns are really nice, but the lights/candles she uses don't always work.


I think alot of her things get returned. I feel this way because right after a Holiday, I  see quite a bit of the "sell outs" listed in the "as is". I also hit the Outlet store in Brandon when I visit my daughter in Florida, and most of the decor items are Valerie's. I do like to pick up her candle rings and a swag, because they are full and usually I get 2 candles rings for 12.00. I would never pay the 35.00 they sell for on TV.. Some of the things are really junky looking and I know why the person that got some of this stuff returned it.

There is also a ton of temptations stuff and blankets and throws.

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I don't buy as much as I used to. After cleaning out my garage and home and donating things that I keep stored, I realized I needed to reel it in a bit. I'm older and always gauge the "want" by how many times I would use it and if I really love it. So many of VPH's items bring me joy, especially her Christmas items. I do tire of seeing so many of the same type items, i.e., flameless candles, "mercury glass", lanterns, etc. I'm a glitter lover so I really like her items that have the clear glitter. I'm sorry you were disappointed in your purchases and hope you can find another vendor that you'll feel good about having in your surroundings.

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I like what I have purchased from her over the years but I agree about that styrofoam packaging, it is a mess for repackaging if someone needs to return an item.