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I watched them again yesterday and still can't figure out why they're so good together, lol, but they really seem to click.


She can be so fussy with other hosts, but she was joking with and tweaking Rick and was really fun to watch.

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I couldn't agree more! It's the old adage opposites attract! She is rather reserved and he is a force of nature - a gregarious powerhouse.


I like them both individually but together they are a winning combination. I just happened to tune in and watched the rest of the show. He brings out the best in her - she was laughing and was having as much fun as I did watching them.


The chemistry is great and completely natural - nothing forced. It's either there or it's not.



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Rick has a way of making Valerie not look so prim and prissy. It works.

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They are my absolute favorite pairing.  It's such fun to watch them together. I'd love to see more of them together.

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I agree with the other comments about why they work so well together.  Also, unlike the women hosts, Rick doesn't try to come up with other settings / uses / displays of and for Valerie's items - which she is then obligated to compliment.  Those situations turn into mutual admiration societies.

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Judith R once said ......she request Rick to be the host for her jewelry shows.


It's his personality  - happy relaxed & sense of humor

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I enjoy them together. I like Val with most of the hosts but Rick might be my favorite paired with her.

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I like Rick but unfortunately, he presents things I am not interested in buying, so I rarely watch him.  As for Valerie, well, I don't need any more STUFF in my house, so I never tempt myself.  However, in December there were two holiday decorations of Valerie's as lunchtime specials.  I could not resist and got both of them.  Well they were both pieces of junk in my opinion and had flaws I could not live with.  I sent them both back as defective and got a full refund.  So that was my first and last experience with her products.  


Rick is good with the ladies, and I imagine that he has good chemistry with all the women, whether it is real or not.

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I like when Valerie accidentley called Rick's wife the wrong name....that was so funny...


Rick got close to the camera and said if she was watching there was no ...(whatever name she called her).....LOL

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Re: Valerie and Rick

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@Puppy Lips  You were so generous using the word STUFF. I would of stuck with JUNK