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Re: Valerie Parr Hill

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I too enjoy Valarie and was looking frward to her finale show tonight.  Unfortunately Ric is the host and has completely ruined the show.  He can't keep his mouth shut and allow Valarie to present her products in her usual refined manner.  The producers need to tell him to tone it down.  I finally turned the show off and will just look on line.  I may miss some products that sell out quickly but that's QVC's loss.  


Absolutely agree!!  He was way too loud, repeated every phrase about ten times, did not let Valerie speak...not a good pairing at all!!  I also had to turn the channel....


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Funny as this may seem, I handled the show with Ric better than the one with Jill....LOL!!!  I agree with he was loud at times, but you could tell he was clueless about the products and what was going on, which made it easy for Valerie to lead the way and talk about the products much better than she did with Jill........She seemed more relaxed too.........

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I love Rick's eneergy.The Q put too many items in one show, and he had to keep it moving.

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I think some had the idea that Valerie designed all the items she presents.  She and her company (smart move) "find" the items to bring to QVC.  I think this is similar with Mark Charles--I think he also finds items at trade shows/Kuhn Ricon, etc. and presents them on QVC.  He may have input on designing too, but they are not all his designs.  Appears that way to me.

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My absolute favorite show pairing is Valerie and Mary Beth. They work so well together and make me feel like I am relaxed in their living room.

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I agree, Ric even commented several times he was unusually laid back and Valarie agreed with him. There was A LOT of new stuff in that show, and for once, Valarie was able to actually discuss the items! Then when they got to the 3 twiggy lighted trees, Ric said now he was going into high gear, he loved those trees and called out to Amy, his wife to order them!
but I thought they were way overpriced and shipping bring a problem lately with QVC, arrive in shattered pieces!
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OMG, I can't watch him at all.  It's like watching a chihuahua.  Very nerve wracking.  I immediately turn the channel.

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My absolute favorite show pairing is Valerie and Mary Beth. They work so well together and make me feel like I am relaxed in their living room.

I those two together....

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If Domeier is the host, I watch if I want to order an item on the show. He usually goes into overdrive and generally turns me off. He reminds me of HSN's Shannon Smith, who can talk and talk and talk. If she were paid per word, she would be a billioinaire!

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I am curious: does anyone know how much input/creative control Valerie has over the items in her brand? They just showed an interview with a buyer who said she was the manager of the VPH brand and it made me wonder. For instance, I’ve heard Isaac is only the spokesperson for his clothes now. (Not saying that’s the case with Valerie! I just wasn’t sure how it worked.)



What is sounds like from this interview it's her products, her and her husband own the company and then the QVC must pick which ones and how many of each maybe?????.....


QVC Queen: From Glendover Elementary to Home-Decor Mogul on a Major Shopping Network

By Barbara Isaacs, The Lexington Herald-Leader, Ky., The Lexington Herald-Leader, Ky.


Parr Hill would not have imagined that she would one day be a cable-shopping force. Her career background had been primarily in not-for-profit fund-raising. At one point, she was representing the vendors of live wreaths and swags and made contact with QVC, who put her on the air with a group of the wreaths. A decade ago, Parr Hill entered an exclusive partnership with QVC.


Parr Hill and her husband, Will, now head their own company, which scours gift shows and a variety of vendors to find new items to become part of the line.



And this is from this very QVC website:


A tastefully decorated space can help you create a relaxing cove in which you love to spend time. Set the stage for a beautiful home your guests are sure to enjoy and write home about with Valerie Parr Hill. Her home decorations are always stylish, always tasteful, and always in vogue. Created and overseen by the hardworking entrepreneur herself, find Valerie’s home accents at


Hill, Valerie Parr

Valerie Parr Co, The is a privately held company in Montville, NJ and is a Single Location business.



Ah thank you! Very interesting!

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I enjoy Valerie and have many of her items.  However, I have to disagree with those who think she hasn't changed.  She has changed......for the better!  Valerie used to come across as sugary sweet, now she sounds like the pleasant professional she is.