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I ordered my xmas wreath weeks ago for shipment the week of the 20th I sure didnt expect it to deliver on the 20th .. so up it goes on the door .. If I keep it inside it will die .. so trees not up but wreath is ..  hope it lasts till xmas ..Also I have to say the wreaths are not as full as they used to be .. I have been disappointed before with them but keep ordering in hopes of getting a good one .. this year.. not so much ,even one of the pine cones was off in the box .. kinda disappointed 

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Re: Valarie Parr Hill Wreath

I think  they got too expensive for what they are. 


I loved them back in the day, but stopped getting them several years ago.

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Re: Valarie Parr Hill Wreath

I now buy my natural wreaths at COSTCO, so much bigger/fuller and cost less!

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Re: Valarie Parr Hill Wreath

i mist mine with a water sprayer - i think it helps keep it vibrant longer.

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Re: Valarie Parr Hill Wreath

I ordered one about 5 or 6 years ago. What a waste of money. Would never order another. It was lopsided and had no scent whatsoever.

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Re: Valarie Parr Hill Wreath

I get mine from LLBean. They're big and full, a little plain, but fragrant and they really last better than any others I've purchased in the past. I add my own bow that I take off every year and save for next year's wreath. They withstand bad weather very well as long as your your door works well with the hanger that is attached when it arrives. They also sell the same version with lights, and I have purchased that one two years in a row. The year the lights didn't work they were very good and sent me another immediately, no return or other nonsense.

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Re: Valarie Parr Hill Wreath

@skuggles I purchased one last year (or the year before) from LL Bean and was very pleased. I was going to this year, as well, but didn't receive my $10 off coupon with my catalog, so purchased mine from Costco.

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