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@Sooner , that's what I was thinking. No one left a door knocker and they kept asking for that info at Fed Ex. We shall see what today brings. So far, nothing.

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Our mailman is working overtime! He made two package deliveries to our house on Friday. They have to deliver, go back to the post office get more packages, deliver again.


FedEx however was a big let down. I ordered a friend of mine a package of gourmet English muffins from Wolfermans. It literally took 15 days to get to Florida, and each day it was track to be delivered. After 15 days, they were stale and edible, also to mention, she received the box wide-open. What a bust that was! It was very embarrassing, so I went on Etsy and ordered her a special gift that was delivered yesterday. It totally depends what carrier is delivering. UPS is very good in our neighborhood, FedEx not so much.