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@Caaareful Shopper I'd like additional wash cloths as well but for me, I do use hand towels for my hair so I'm thinking I'll buy a set anyway.

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Why not towels? We all use them.


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@GinaV24 wrote:

@Caaareful Shopper I'd like additional wash cloths as well but for me, I do use hand towels for my hair so I'm thinking I'll buy a set anyway.

Ahhh, I can definitely see that @GinaV24. 😀

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@AKgirl2 wrote:

I wanted to order a new set of towels and these look very nice and the price is right BUT the shipping and handling charge is $24.47. That's more than half the cost of the TSV.  Way too steep even for shipping to AK.  Give us a break please...your charging international shipping fees!

I just looked at the website, and it said 5.50 for s/h????

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Re: Towels? Seriously?

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@forest4thetrees   @wildlifewitch    

Their 'ship to' address is outside the contiguous 48 states. I believe they're charged international rates for shipping.  


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I love luxury towels, and I'm fine paying more because they last for several years. My go-to place is Marshall's.  March is a great month for sheets and towels at Marshall's because all the stores are clearing their Winter stock and replacing with Spring.

I buy Ralph Lauren sheets, which never wear out, and Laura Ashley whenever I can get them.

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$69.43 the cost of the towels plus S&H? Surely there are stores in Alaska that sell towels.

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@KittyPurry wrote:
Towels a TSV? How boring can it get? I'm sure they are nice but Walmart has nice towels. Hours talking about towels? The programing is just getting so redundant they need to stop with the Halos, Dysons, Mattresses, Echos, laptops, frost guards, shovels......and it goes on and on. Please get some new stuff!


Sorry but I'll take a towel TSV three times a week if they get rid of some of their tacky cheap clothing and shoes. Shoes? Really? You can buy those anywhere and need to try them on first! 


Some of us love home decor, and enjoy any show that give us great linens for the home. 


I have the washcloths this set was based on and they are really nice and well made. The towels don't get quite as good reviews as the washcloth sets, but still, this is a nice change of pace from the usual repeats of My Pillow, Dyson, and the copper pan (sorry Eric,  I do love him though!).

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@Carmie wrote:

They are nice looking towels, but why just two washcloths?  I always buy extra washcloths when I buy towels because they wear out faster and I can never find ones to match perfectly.


Four towels and two washcloths?  Weird configuration in my book.


I would have liked to see them include all four pieces of each in the set. 

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@chiclet wrote:

I bet the hosts were thinking how do I make a few towels sound like the greatest thing on earth and why you would buy them at Q and pay shipping.  Maybe they are made of some special material that soaks up the water off your body and moisturizes it at the same time.


Why would anyone buy anything at Q? They sell all the clothing and jewlery and shoes and handbags and beauty products everywhere else as well.


People buy for a good deal (and these are, as I've been looking at towels for the last several months), for the easy return if they aren't what you wanted or the quality expected, easy to just click and have delivered, no running from store to store, for the interest free easy pay to budget their purchases, great presentations to see the product up close (unlike most websites with a couple of small and less that good quality pictures of the item), familiarity with the brand......