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Totally disappointed in Q

I just received the wrong pair of shoes (and I mean completely wrong 6 1/2 vs size 11) and now Q expects me to wait another 2-3 weeks in order to get the correct pair. I was going to wear these shoes to an event this week but now I guess not...

This is pathetic customer service. I'm not a very negative person but this is disappointing. No other company would do this.

In this economy, it's time to get serious and act like a business.

It would almost be quicker to just re-order the shoes but then I would have to have pay shipping again (double-ding).

I know I should call CS again but that takes another 5-10 minutes of my time to navigate that terrible voice CS system to get to the operator. I'm just p#@ssed off! Thanks for letting me rant as my husband has other stuff to worry about. TIA for any suggestions, recommendations, or sympathy/comforts/etc.