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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone had experience with the Toni Brattin wigs? I’m gettin up there with age and I’d much rather sit in my warm home in a wig than driving these roads to the salon. I was wondering if there was one that could be styled in all different ways and if they could be worn sideways or backwards. I only want one to star so it must be versatile.

Thank you for your time
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Re: Toni Brattin Wigs

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I recently purchased the Toni Brattin luminous mid-length cut wig and I'll tell you, I can wear it a number of different ways based on my mood any given day. I have had alopeica since I was in my 60's and find the Toni Brattin wigs to be very nicely done and fools people all the time. I chose the brown blonde color and boy is it a pretty combo of color. I'm not sure you can wear it backwards but you could certainly try! Peace to you Smiley Happy

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I wear a Toni Brattinwig every day.


But I order mine directly from her company.


The ones QVCsells has black roots.  I hate black roots.


The one I always wear is a dirty blonde short bob.


Everyone thinks it's my hair.  I've had people ask me who my hairdresser is.


When I went toget my real hair trimmed, the receptionist thought the wig was real.


I think that's because it's short.  I think that's why it looks real.


My real hair color is/was very dark brown.


But it has a lot of gray in it.  It's just easier to put on the wig.


I twist up my very long hair and pin it up with clips.

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Thank you very much annabelle and Nikki! So thoughtful and informative of you both!
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I've purchased several of her pieces...and I don't like them. This is only my opinion, the color is a natural, and it looks like shiny synthetic doll hair. Back in the day when she was on HS and exclusively, her Wigs and hair pieces were much better quality. The ones she is making now look like wigs from 10 feet away.

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Her wigs look like doll hair!!!

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I bought a hairpiece & the clip broke the first wearing. I have 3 Gabor wigs & love them.

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I have several of her wigs. They're okay.  I have moved on to buying wigs locally. I'm paying more for the wigs, but they look more realistic.