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@Kachina624 wrote:

@Q4u  How do you tell the parts are plastic?  I have a Tig bag with tags I bought but never used and have wondered if it's a good old one or one of the newer ones. 

They can't duplicate the texture and feel of leather exactly.  It's close but when side by side there are minute differences, even if you have to get a jeweler's loop to look at it.  They used plastic on the interior trim a long time prior to extending it to the straps'/handles and handle anchors.  And then before that it was all leather.  I had a bag I bought in 1995 that was a gorgeous leather, just beautiful.  One of the few bags I've sold that I've regretted....     

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I just threw out a lighty used tig bag, the bottom corners wore off.  Poor quality in my opinion.

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I do remember the vendor pointing out the few bags that were all leather once the complaints rolled in about the plastic, but the damage to their reputation has been hard to overcome. The reasoning was that the fake leather was more durable and so was used strategically, and its use kept the price down. Not so sure this has been a successful strategy.