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I have had no problem with HSN ordering and receiving mdse, or even returns which I rarely do.  But, I did return something for exchange recently and they refunded me instead of exchange.  I called them and got it all straightened out with no problem. 


What does concern me is all the posts I see here about QVC Customer Service not answering phone calls.  Yes, there may be an avenue using E-mail or these forums, but not everybody knows that or even wants to.  Sometimes you just need to talk to a real person.  

I agree with @Icegoddess .  I've always had great service with HSN.  There's always two sides to every story.  


I've fortunately not had any issues with QVC, but I do sympathize with everyone having issues with Customer Service.  While the Social Team is great at solving problems, there are many that would actually like to speak to a person on the phone.  I love QVC, but not understanding their lack of attention to Customer Service these days.  

@San Antonio Gal 


These are excellent positions for working at home that  so many companies do nowadays.....why cant QVC so customers can talk to live person? 

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I doubt it’s a scam. HSN and QVC have their issues but I doubt it’s a scam. Sounds like the HSN poster is disgruntled abd maybe rightfully so but they should be able to resolve it. I haven’t had any issues with HSN but plenty with the Q. I recently ordered a lot of Beekman from HSN and all of the items were shipped on one large box and delivered by UPS unlike the Q who has a tendency to ship separate items in separate boxes.
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Ordered the Rhonda Sheer bras a few weeks ago from HSN (it was a TS).  When received it was the wrong size.  Returned it using the prepaid shipping label provided.  It took a good two weeks for the package to be received; it was earlier this week, now I'm waiting on the refund.  I couldn't exchange because my size was sold out.