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@SloopJohnB wrote:

Rogaine for Women and I do see a difference.

I'm in my 9th year of using Rogaine and I now have thicker hair than I did in my twenties.  

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I use my old Hairmax that I got at the Q several years ago. It looks like a brush. I also use minoxidil liquid that I buy at Costco. I use the Hairmax two or three times a week and the minoxidil a couple of times a week. My hair used to be thick and coarse. As I got older it got thinner. It is now much finer but it is now quite full. My hair was completely white when I started using the two therapies but after about 8-9 months it was looking darker. I got some color back. I still have mostly silver hair but the darker brunette hairs give me some depth to my hair color and you can't see my pink scalp.