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Re: The layoffs at QVC

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@rockygems123 @Foxxee - And some QVC customers actually met these hosts over the years - in the studio or other events.  (Like the 50/50 tours to name just one.)


They aren't just images on a screen, as some would like to say.  I don't understand those invested in telling others to get a life or "it isn't real".  For those who don't care, fine.  Just move on and let people vent, if they need to.


You're both right; for many, it's personal and there's nothing wrong with that.  I'm sure Carolyn and Dan are heartened to know that many will miss them.  Who wouldn't be after such a shock?



There are some, not only here, who attack others for not agreeing.  We're not allowed to have opinions, only they can.  There's only one side of the story and it's theirs.








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I really like Carolyn.  I'm sorry to see her gone.  Dan was nice too. 


I'm starting to feel Alberti is getting VERY tiresome and over the top.  Maybe he feels he has to to keep his job.  He's too much and I have to run him off.  I really liked him in the begiinning.

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I absolutely understand posters being upset and distraught about the layoffs.  Emotional ties can be quite strong.


I, myself, was merely surprised.  That was about all.  I'll still be a QXH customer from time to time. 


However, there is nothing wrong with noting that some of the reactions seem over-wrought, over-the-top and highly melodramatic. 


That's how I see it.  My opinion. 

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It really blows my mind that so many people are taking it personally that Dan and Carolyn got laid off from QVC. People get laid off from jobs all the time. I've seen posts saying they called corporate about the layoffs or they quit watching bc of Dan and Carolyn. What about the other 398 people that were laid off?? Are these same people calling QVC about them as well?? No,bc like I said- people get laid off all the time. I guarantee that Dan and Carolyn are in a much better tax bracket than the other 398 people who lost their jobs. Dan and Carolyn were hosts and I'm sure lots of people feel connected to them, but that's simply not true. QVC is a business. The hosts are not your friends. Do you think Dan or Carolyn would be this upset if you were laid off?? No, bc again, they are not your friends. They were hosts. It's time to come back to reality and move on. 


Well it's like this, some of us form attachments to people who come to us either on TV or other media sources & some don't.

Now I'm no pushover because some of the new hires I don't give 2 cents for, but Carolyn & Dan proved their worth as valuable employees of a shopping channel along with several others. The most recent hires, I think maybe 5 or 6 & I never watch them along with a few more recent hires


What I wonder is who are you & some others to criticize our feelings about what happened to two worthwhile people who did a great job, were blindsided (I'm sure they were)by an action that doesn't even allow them to retire?




""who are you & some others to criticize our feelings about what happened to two worthwhile people who did a great job, were blindsided (I'm sure they were)by an action that doesn't even allow them to retire?"


Very good points.  


I don't think they will understand why we think what happened was wrong.





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I agree with others that have posted.  QVC started out with the idea of presenting their hosts as a friend to the shopper.  The hosts often spoke about their families, hobbies and their every day life.  I have been a member since day one so I remember many things about the hosts.  Most of the older hosts have always been so genuine. We learned that Steve Colanuno like quilts, Steve Bryant loved music, we watched Mary Beth's children grow up and now she has grandchildren, we all worried when Dan's wife was so ill and were saddened when she passed, we know about Dan Hughes farm and his love of restoring old cars and we know that Carolyn loved animals. She had bunnies, dogs and geese.  I have listened to so many calls over the years about widows saying QVC was something that took their minds off the loss of their spouse.  I have heard callers say that they shared the love of QVC with their mother or their daughter.  Many people do relate to the hosts of QVC. They are sad when they leave especially if they feel they were not treated properly for example Dan and Carolyn. It is understandable that they would be upset.  Many people trusted QVC over the years. They are angry when they find out that hosts lost their jobs without warning.  Some have chosen to shop elsewhere and I truly can understand that.  Maybe they do not want to support a company that they feel is unfair to their employees.  The new hosts do not seem genuine in my opinion. 

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 Judging by how people are reacting to these two TeeVee shopping hosts being laid off....



People are going to need to be sedated when David Venable matter what the circumstance...


I hope special engraved notices go out to all active QVC customers so they have "time" to acclimate, buy supplies for the duration of their recovery from the news, and can arrange for vacation time off from thier employers...




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It is not nice to hear anyone has lost their job. But, retail has taken a big hit & many major department stores have closed or reduced their footprint. QVC is no different. QVC is a major employer in that community & if they become insolvent, many jobs will be lost & that would impact the area & many hard working everyday people who may or may not have a salary like a TV host will be affected.

We only know what a host tells us about his/her self & we only see the on-air persona. We don’t know if they are “good employees” or their productivity level.

It seems that other hosts were more involved with collaborations with vendors, discovering new vendors or assisting the design teams with the Studio Park line. You don’t have to like the designs but it shows extra work & commitment to the success of the organization.

There are many factors considered by upper management before they terminate employment. It’s not based on “likability” or length of employment alone.
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We also don't know if they are "good people" worthy of all this fact, we know NOTHING about them because they are salespeople on TV shilling mostly imported stuff.


They could be cheaters, wife beaters, alcoholics, could treat thier family like dirt.


TeeVee people.




Doubt me?


Think "Bill Cosby".

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What I don't understand is QVC.  I'm assuming they used to make a profit when they had professional hosts who talked about fabric and sizing.  Now they have the entertainers and they are not making money.  But still, they cling to the idea of hosts who entertain.  


The thing that gets me about Dan and Carolyn is that they both knew the products and gave the pertinent information.  


Anf finally, I don't know why people can't be allowed to have their feelings, whatever they may be.  

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Here's how I feel about Carolyn and Dan being let go...sad, and yes...I'll miss them! I understand these hosts are there to sell and are not my friends. And I don't feel that I'm overly attached to any of the hosts nor do I watch QVC 24/7. However, I liken people's attachments to the hosts the same way that people would, for example, form an attachment to actors in television programs or soap operas. When you watch people on a regular basis you do form an attachment, how could you not? I remember several soaps and tv shows that upon their ending, I felt sad. I especially feel for older people who maybe live alone or don't have a lot of family or friends. I could easily see how having QVC in their homes could help them feel less lonely and keep them company. I think both Carolyn and Dan were the personality types that people related to and felt comfortable with. I don't fault QVC for their decision, it is a business and a business that is facing some real difficulties and uncertainty. And yes, layoffs are common and necessary. But I do understand the feeling that it's sad that we won't see them anymore! I wish the best for them going forward and am grateful for all the years they gave us of their knowledge, professionalism and dedication on the Q!