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The Q not Giving Full Disclosure on Products!

Again, the Q sold a product and did not give out all the details. They sold the Dragon voice activated computer program without disclosing that you had to have certain computer specifications in order for it to be downloaded. I found this out when I read the instructions that came with the product. I saw the presentation twice and not once did the host nor the product presenter ever mention anything about system requirements in order to support the program. My laptop does not have the recommended system space to support the program.

I called up Westchester and I told someone in the corporate office that the Q is not the same as it was years ago, that it is selling products without divulging all the information, just to make a sale. They are doing it over and over again with many of their products and not coming forward with full disclosures and omitting some vital information. Except for jewlery or clothing, it is buyer beware. I always had such high esteem for the Q, but lately, I have lost faith in their integrity.

Anyone else getting disgusted with the Q?