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Re: Thank you to Mary Beth Roe

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@eibbed53 wrote:


I was watching on the 9/4, the Denim and Company on QVC2.  I don't remember if it was previously recorded.  You were wearing the Jacard sweater with the hood.  It came in the blue that you had on brown and dusty rose.


I was looking and thought, the dusty rose isn't so pretty looking, that's not going to sell, it's kind of ugly. 


Then you asked for the dusty rose mock neck and the natural.  When you put the dusty rose mock neck with the sweater, OMG, what a difference.  It looked gorgeous together and then with the natural.


Had you not thought to pair those mock necks with it I never would have bought it.  I bought it because of that. Both dusty rose sweater and mock neck.  


I could not see that paring in my head until Mary Beth showed it.  This is why the hosts are so important.  They let us see items together that we can't picture on our own, or would have even thought of pairing together.


Thank you again, can't wait to get it.






Hi Debbie,

The Forums are for customers and hosts are restricted from posting here. You can reach Mary Beth on her Facebook or other social media pages.  Or email QVC and ask that they forward your email to her. 














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